Tattoo artists are not born, they are made. They do not impose themselves, instead they get noticed. You will find them where ego is discarded and replaced by the patience of artisans, who draw energy from art. Indigo Tattoo Studio was established in November 2021 in Skopje.

The artists that are part of the team include Marko, Damjan, and Eva. The studio started developing as a stylishly recognizable brand that prefers a unique design.

Tattoos are like an extension of the body and spirit, an individual ”mark” of the person. In all eras of humanity, history remembers traces of drawing on the body.

Meet Our Team

Marko Tasevski

Owner & TATTOO Artist

Eva Andreeva


Masha Nanevska


CHECK OUT some tattoos from our artists...

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And here is our tattoo studio in Skopje