Marko Tasevski

As an academic painter I will always choose realism as my favorite style… sometimes black and gray. What is one tattoo I would do for the rest of my life you ask? Definitely a lion on the biceps💪

Damjan Klincharov

You like anime? I’m your guy in this tattoo shop for that. Japanese, neo traditional and black work are one of my favorite styles to do. I’ve done tattoos on clients on almost every part of the body you could imagine, but the most difficult ones so far were on an ear lobe and the back of a head. P.s seams like I cannot run away from fine line tattoos… so.. hit me up if you’re interested 😉

Eva Andreeva

I feel like a true princess… the brightest spot in the studio is my pink tattoo station. Although I studied graphic design and aspired to be working in that field, the passion for becoming a tattoo artist never died out in me. My favorite style is fine line and realism, but most recently I fell in love with micro-realism as well.

Ana Poposka - April

I’m the rat living inside the walls of the studio and I occasionally come out of my hole to do tattoos. I’m most fond of dotwork – patchwork inspired by nature and our place in it. Nothing makes me happier than the whole process of fusing creativity together with my clients to make custom designs. I see tattoos as our collection of specimens – depictions of our never-ending awe and love of the world around us.